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Collaborative Physician Allocation

  • 30 minutes
  • Variable
  • Online

Service Description

We provide assistance for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses in locating and securing state-required collaborating or supervising physicians. We request a minimum of 60 days to help secure your collaborative agreement. There are times where we may need to work to license a physician in your state. We charge $250 to begin our search. Due to the nature of collaborative/supervisory agreements, we are unable to guarantee physician placement. The ongoing monthly fee varies based on the financial compensation requested by the physician. In the event we are unable to secure a collaborating/supervising physician within the agreed-upon time frame we will provide you with additional resources to continue your search or transition to independent practice. Many factors impact securing a collaborating/supervising physician. They include but are not limited to the APRN's level of practice experience, the APRN's chosen specialty, the amount of state-required physician involvement, and state-mandated level of physician liability. In most collaborative states physicians have very little liability when choosing to collaborate with an APRN as the APRN is an independently licensed provider under the jurisdiction of the State Board of Nursing. However, in a supervisory relationship, the physician may be required to be willing to accept a high level of responsibility for the APRNs actions (similar to that of a physician assistant) if the APRN is under the jurisdiction of the State Board of Nursing *AND* the State Medical Board. Our collaborative physicians are independent contractors engaged in the independent practice of medicine. DNP Consulting has no authority over the clinical decision making of our contracted providers. We complete full background checks and Medical /Nursing Board sanction reviews on all providers prior to making formal agreements.

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